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Shenzhen Caisheng Printing Machinery Co。, Ltd。

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Shenzhen caisheng printing machinery Co., Ltd, to "quality is the life" for the purpose, and constantly develop innovative, professional manufacturing to PS to do rotary primarily printing machinery manufacturers. The company has a strong production and processing capacity, design out of the ordinary, convenient operation, efficiency of special domestic first rotary。

All the time since, the company has a strict management, quality service, on the quality of heavy guard concept, customers receive the recognition and praise。

The company with strong economic strength and development, fully committed to promoting the development and progress of the industry, the product development cycle shortens ceaselessly, yield and quality of products has been ranked the leading position in the domestic industry, and keep ahead of the international market, exported to the world more than 100 countries and regions.

In the new century, the company will as always, uphold the valuable spirit, to provide our clients with better, more excellent services, with the vast number of old and new customers and distributors in the basis of mutual benefit and common development.

Shenzhen caisheng printing machinery Co., Ltd is willing to join hands with you to create a brilliant future.


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Address: the center of  Longgang City Huilong Po 8 Lane 8 in Shenzhen

Zip Code: 518116

Tel: +86-0755-88848369  28958206  


Contact person:Mr Li


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